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3D Wheel Aligner Hofmann Megaplan SSENCE 400

The megaline Ssence 400 and 600 represent the very latest 3D wheel alignment technology. Utilising the 'reflective target' type measuring head and camera system, the Ssence is fast, simple, and ideal for those customers looking to invest in the most advanced wheel alignment capability available on todays market. The software has been designed to make life as easy for the operator as possible, minimising unnecessary procedures commonly found on other, similar systems.





Unlike traditional stands with heads and CCD sensors, stands on the 3D technology have absolutely excellent logic of calculation. On measurement of a corner of an inclination of reflectors on captures, the program creates a 3D model of a suspension bracket of the car and compares it to the database of the producer. Thus, 3D stands do not have need for expensive electronics and heads with level on car wheels. They are replaced by easy plastic reflectors. Stands have an opportunity to take measurements without car binding to the horizontal plane or to elevator level. Therefore measurements and adjustment can be carried out on any floor, on a hole and even on the curve elevator. Compensation of a beating of a disk is carried out by rolling, thus the speed of diagnostics of a suspension bracket is reduced to 3-5 minutes. In stands of the SSENCE series the database from AUTODATA to the middle of 2012 + own HOFMANN database is used.

SSENCE 400 - the stand of adjustment of corners of a suspension bracket with manual installation of level of height of chambers. The ideal decision for diagnostics of a suspension bracket on holes.

EASY INSTALLATION -  no calibration or recharging is required. High accuracy and recurrent results. Measurements are made in 3-dimensional vehicle parameters modeling
system i.e. 3D technology.

MAINTANANCE - FREE target plates working without electronics.

Technical data

Measurements 3D (2kamery HD)
Target Plates passive, maintanance free 
Language multilingual
Rims 10" - 24"
Database Autodata
Display LCD TFT color display 19"
Scope of delivery: 2 turntables, steering wheel lock, brake pedal lock.
Optionaly second display, remote control (tablet).
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