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Cab gritters - NEW in the offer

We present to you new devices in our offer - cabin sandblasters injectors and pressure

In the photo, next to the Polish production, a cabin (pressure) sandblaster with a 20-liter pressure tank for professional work. Ideal for the needs of workshops, industry, automotive, maintenance of machines and components, steel structures, maintenance work. These machines are entirely manufactured in Poland. The efficiency of surface cleaning in sets with pressure sandblasters is about 5 times higher compared to traditional cabins equipped with an injector gun. The exit velocities from the nozzle in the case of pressure sandblasters are also much higher.
  The device makes it possible to clean and give the appropriate structure to the treated surfaces using the abrasive blasting method with the use of various types of abrasive. The main element of such a sandblasting machine is a pressure tank equipped with a poppet valve that automatically closes the tank after applying compressed air. It is equipped with fittings enabling precise determination of the ratio of compressed air to abrasive in the working stream. The sandblaster is turned on and off using a foot switch. A pressure reducer with water trap is fitted as standard.

More details can be found by selecting the tab from the menu on the left sandblasters

WINTER PROMO - 4-column lift and 3D geometry

Many of our customers have been eagerly waiting for this promotion!

Four-column lift, diagnostic BESTLIFT 450 (5 ton lifting capacity, wide spacing of columns) in a set with 3D geometry Hofmann Megaplan SSENCE 600HD (AutoTracking, Autodata®) at an incredibly low promotional price:

PLN 45,400.00 net

Plus an axle lift FREE!

Technical details of these devices, their descriptions and photos can be viewed by clicking their name above.

The cost of delivery, installation and commissioning can be priced individually. They depend on your city - please ask This email address is being protected from spambots. To view it, it is necessary to enable JavaScript in your browser.  by e-mail or by phone at +48 618470655. Delivery time 2-3 working days.

Offer valid until the end of February 2021 or while stocks last.

Bestlift parking lifts

With undisguised pleasure we would like to inform you that to the range parking lifts Two new BESTLIFT models have been added to our offer. They have just been unloaded in our central warehouse in Poznań.

Based on market research, we decided that they will only be anthracite (dark grey) with light gray platforms. This color scheme fits perfectly with most interiors of garages or underground parking lots.


Parking lifts - a solution for a small area

We would like to introduce a new category of lifts in our offer - PARKING LIFTS. They are a perfect solution for parking passenger cars in small spaces, they give the possibility of doubling the number of stored vehicles.

The current offer includes two-column lifts (TW 227P) with a lifting capacity of up to 2.7 tons and four-column vehicles for 2 or 4 vehicles (TW 436P and TW 436P-D2). Four-column lifts have a nominal load capacity of 3.6 tons and are also available in a gray color version (anthracite). These are accordingly TW 436P-G and TW 436-D2-G. It should be remembered that in the case of double lifts, the lifting capacity of 3.6 tons applies to two vehicles (the sum of their weights) that are lifted.


Workshop equipment - Best Products from Poznań

Best Products has been present on the Polish market for over 25 years. We are related to the automotive industry - we supply workshop machines to car and vulcanization workshops and vehicle inspection stations. From the very beginning of our activity, we focus on quality. We cooperate with the best producers, such as: Hofmann, Gutmann, Hunger and Twin Busch. The above-mentioned brands appeared on the Polish market thanks to us - we introduced them to Polish car workshops, whose owners became convinced of the quality of the products supplied to them.

Our offer is very rich. If you are opening a garage or intend to modernize it, we will provide:

We sell both new and used machines. However, all of them are fully functional and allow us to offer our customers a wide range of services. A well-equipped car workshop is a chance to maximize profits.

We offer workshop equipment service

Years of presence on the Polish market meant that we now sell not only garage equipment, but also offer professional service for devices from various manufacturers. We run it throughout the country, providing warranty and post-warranty services. The year of manufacture of the device does not matter to us - we have access to a wide range of spare parts and therefore we can remove any diagnosed fault. We are one of the few companies that have their own Service Department with employees with experience often exceeding 20 years.

Technical consulting - we help in the selection of devices

Our team consists of professionals - people who have many years of experience in the repair of workshop machines and are well versed in the current offers of manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing new or used equipment, please contact our representatives. They will answer questions about devices and indicate proven and optimal solutions.

The new Hofmann Megaspin 3000P super balancer

Hofmann Megaspin 3000P super balancerHofmann Megaplan GmbH's offer includes a new automatic megaspin 3000P super-balancing machine, which is a development of the previously known megaspin 2000P model. Like its predecessor, it enables non-contact automatic measurement of wheel parameters together with the analysis of tire conicity and its tread thanks to the use of laser technology and ultrasonic sensors.

The measurement results can be printed on the attached printer. The standard equipment is a pneumatic wheel holder, which ensures that the rim is always attached to the centering element with the same force.

This machine uses the same ISS unbalance sensor system that we install in industrial balancing machines, where unrivaled precision is absolutely essential.


PowerLift 1000 jacks for ATVs and motorcycles

Powerlift 1000 for ATVs The offer of the Best Products company on the Polish market of workshop equipment has included new lifts from the German company REMO GmbH. Powerlift 1000 are designed to handle vehicles with a permissible weight of up to 1000 kg - i.e. motorcycles and quads (ATV).
These are very universal jacks with a wide range of applications. Recommended both for professional workshops as well as for private fans of driving four-wheelers or motorcycles.
Their design allows you to handle not only quads and motorcycles, but also mowers (tractors), three-wheelers, melexes and many other vehicles of this type - all using the same lift. Their uniqueness lies in the perfect matching of elements and interesting technical solutions that greatly facilitate work. One of such solutions are side ramps that are attached to a fixed structure when working with a wider vehicle (e.g. ATV). This allows us to save space in the workshop and, if necessary, adjust the lift so that the appropriate vehicle can be serviced. Platforms with a length of up to 225 cm allow you to lift quads with a long wheelbase. Traps under the wheels of motorcycles are also a very good solution, which facilitates their disassembly.


New Hofmann Megaplan megamount SMART 3 tire changer

New Hofmann tire changer Hofmann Megaplan GmbH introduces to the Polish market a new model of the megamount SMART 3 automatic tire changer with a wheel mounted on a shaft, intended for professional tire services servicing a large number of cars with low-profile and Run Flat tires.

The wishes of the many customers who have previously purchased the SMART 2 model have been taken into account when designing this machine. These are the main changes to this new model:

  • Optional wheel jack for easy wheel mounting on the shaft, it can be later mounted on a running machine,
  • Auxiliary pressure arm BP1 with the function of automatic return to the resting position,
  • A new concept of the construction of the rapper with two discs,
  • Reinforced housing and mast, stronger hydraulic cylinder
  • Very fast wheel mounting system on the SMART LOCK shaft,
  • The automatic QXplus head allows the operator to decide whether he wants to work manually with the bucket or the machine should raise the tire bead itself.

The list price of the Hofmann Megaplan megamount SMART 3 tire changer is € 7066.00 net. This email address is being protected from spambots. To view it, it is necessary to enable JavaScript in your browser.


THEME OF THE MONTH. Precision, speed and ergonomics in one machine?

M420 LEFT smaller
One of the newest products in our offer is the new series of Hofmann Megaplan balancing machines with the basic model marked Megaspin 420. It is an automatic device designed mainly for service stations and tire services with medium and large number of services. It was created by modernizing the Megaspin 400-2 model, which was very popular on our market.



Good to know - automatic minimization of static unbalance

 Hofmann MegaplanThe automatic static unbalance minimization program is used in all balancing machines of the renowned Hofmann Megaplan brand

MINISTAT compared to the traditional one



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We recommend comprehensive maintenance services:

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- periodic inspections of balancing machines, lifts, diagnostic lines and others
- inspections of lifts for UDT
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