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New compact air conditioning service stations from Hella Gutmann - Husky 100 i Husky 1000

Hella Gutmann introduced into the Polish market two new automatic air conditioning service stations: HUSKY series 100 and 1000. The main difference between them is a refrigerant. HUSKY 100 supports systems with the "old" R134a. HUSKY 1000 - supports a new R1234yf.

Both units are very compact and can easily be used in mobile applications. Easy to use, fast and automated stations Husky 100 and 1000 enable safe servicing of the air conditioning system in a short time.  Simply select the desired function, identify a vehicle in the database, connect the service hoses and open the high and low pressure valves, and the device does the rest. An audible alert notifies the user when the process is complete. The sturdy steel housing is extremely durable, which ensures safe working conditions. They are perfect for every workshop.

Features and functions:
  • compact and lightweight unit
  • automated process with the use of electronic scales for refrigerant and oil
  • intelligent and easy-to-use locking system scales for mobile use
  • for cars, trucks, agricultural and construction (optional hoses with a length of 6m)
  • built-in database of cars and trucks
  • Programmable user database designed for special vehicles
  • easy data management and updating via an SD card
  • a cooled condenser for use in warm regions
  • easy extension of additional equipment
  • maintenance with the optional calibration weight 1kg
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