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New wheel aligner Hofmann Megaplan megamount SMART 3

Hofmann Megaplan GmbH introduces into the Polish market a new model of smart automatic  tire changer - megamount SMART 3 designed for professional tire services that support a large number of cars with low-profile tires and Run Flat.

When designing this machine we have been taken into account the wishes of many customers who previously purchased the model SMART 2. The most important changes in this new model:

  • An optional linkage wheel facilitates assembly wheel shaft, there is a possibility of retrofitting on an operating machine,
  • Screw auxiliary arm BP1 with automatic return to the rest position,
  • The new design concept rapper with two disks,
  • Reinforced housing and mast, powerful hydraulic cylinder
  • Very fast mounting system wheel shaft SMART LOCK,
  • Automatic head QXplus allows the operator to decide whether he wants to work manually with a spoon or the machine itself is to raise the tire bead.
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