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Trolley for 3D wheel aligners KRAB-1

The carriage is intended to move 3D devices for wheel alignment.



The carriage is intended to move 3D devices for wheel alignment. Wherever fixed columns with cameras could reduce the usable area of the workshop, the use of mobile version solves this problem. The trolley is designed to be moved on wheels with platorm raised manually by the lever. At chosen place (pit or diagnostic lift), where aligner is to be used we can lower the platform to stand on adjustable feets. The platform is equipped with two spirit levels that help to check whether the edges of the column are fixed vertically. The solusion of the lifting platform gives the advantage that the wheel aligner is stable supported on four rigid stands (not on rubber tires).

Technical data

Dimensions (L. x W. H wys.) mm    - 1400 x 105 x 126 / 146
Weight                                             - 98 kg
Capacity                                          - 2,1 kN
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