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We are one of the first and most experienced companies equipping vehicle services in Poland.

Best products sp. z.o.o. has been operating on the polish market for over 20 years. Our customers are authorized service stations, vehicle inspection stations and independent service stations and car manufacturers. We introduced on the polish market such well-known manufacturers like Hofmann, Gutmann, Hunger or Twin Busch. Currently, these companies  are leaders in their field.

At the beginning of our journey, we assumed that we would be associated only with manufacturers who can provide us and our customers only the highest quality products.

We are still motivated by our motto:

Quality obliges!

Our customers will not find in our offer devices that do not meet or no longer meet our highest standards. Company name "Best Products"  obliges us to maintain the highest standards both in the selection of equipment and in customer service.

After many years of experience on market, we expanded our main business idea even  further with  the introduction of  new producers and innovative products in order to satisfy the constantly growing circle of our customers.

To this day we have met expectations of  approximately 9,000 satisfied customers.

We are proud that the equipment supplied by us can serve  our customers for many years. We are constantly receiving information that our products still work properly and provide profits to our customers. The perfect example could be  wheel balancers Geodyna or produced by us Lift Best car lifts, sold for more than 20 years ago. They are still fully operational - fulfilling their tasks.

Our customers can count on our reliable maintenance service, which operates throughout Poland providing warranty and post warranty repairs. We have permanent access to spare parts and equipment sold by us. Repair services are available to everyone, not only for customers who purchased our equipment. We are proud that Service Department of the Best Products  consits of very competent professionals with years of experience.

Our service technicians undergo regular versitle technical training that covers many products including those which  are not on the market but still in use.
We provide maintenance services for almost all the leading brands of vehicle workshop equipment.

Call us, we can service your machines too.

We provide:
  •     Expert technical advice
  •     Full service in terms of warranty and post-warranty throughout the country
  •     Delivery of professional equipment
  •     Installation by an experienced staff
  •     Periodic inspections of machines
  •     Wide range of financing services (leasing, bank loans)

Join the group of our satisfied customers.

I'd like to buy products branded by Hofmann. But which Hofmann?
History of the brand Hofmann in Poland is closely linked to our company. For many years  founder and CEO of Best Products  was the Head of Export at Hofmann, based in Pfungstadt (Germany) and introduced this brand to our market in the 70s. The main customers of Hofmann are major companies in the automobile industry, which appreciate the high quality of Hofmann's products, their reliability and innovation. Undoubtedly, this was the best workshop equipment in the world. The success of the company Hofmann was based on a symbiosis of the two main divisions of the company - production of machines for the automotive industry,  tire division and equipment for vehicle service stations.

Hofmann's research and development department was constantly working on innovative technologies for automotive industry. The latest solutions developed just for the automotive industry quickly ended up in the workshops (eg. The system VPM and Geodata). Being elderly and without descendants,  owner of Hofmann company -  Dionys Hofmann decided to sell the company.  The division of workshop equipment was purchased with the right to the brand by the US Hofmann Corporation Snap-on. Americans moved production to Italy, thus cutting themselves off from the German roots of the brand and the existing R & D department. The division of products for automotive industry and research and development department has been taken over by the Italian company CEMB. It continues to produce  in Germany after moving the plant from Pfungstadt to Worms. Mentioned earlier synergy of two main divisions continues to be one of the priorities of the company. Hofmann MEGAPLAN is the brand created to continue the tradition of the brand Hofmann.  Company offers balancers for wheels under the brand Hofmann Megaspin and tyre changers branded as Hofmann Megamount. The high quality of these machines and their reliability restores former importance of brand Hofmann.

What defines Ecoline products?
EcoLine are selected, proven devices produced for the Best Products by the best Far East factories. They were selected both in terms of meeting the high technical requirements of polish customers and commercial values. Their reliability has been confirmed over the past few years, when it turned out that their failure rate is lower than many products of renowned European manufacturers.
EcoLine where are they produced?
Best Products exists on the polish market for over 20 years. From the outset, the priority in the selection of our products was their quality combined with attractive prices. Due to the production costs, many renowned brands placed their production in the Far East - China, India and Taiwan.
Just look around your office or apartment. Find out how much of your equipment is produced just in Asia. Most! Similarly we proceed with our EcoLine products. The most important problem faced by many importers of products from Asia is quality. Relying on our extensive knowledge of chinese producers we have chosen suppliers that guarantee consistently high quality and a big price advantage to European producers. Several times a year our engineers carry out inspections of our selected chinese factories to ensure the proper selection of components and quality processes. In addition, each unit prior to shipment to the customer is checked and tested by our Technical Department according to detailed procedure. These final tests assure us that the product is fully operational and meets our highest standards.
Will I have an easy access to maintenance service for econoline products?
Many companies offering workshop equipment are only  trade companies, reselling products. Best Products has one of the most experienced maintenance service staff for workshop equipment in Poland. We provide both warranty and post-warranty repairs throughout the country.
Will I be trained in use of devices I have bought?
Proper customer service plays very important role in our business strategy.  One of its elements is a training system carried out by our Technical Department. The most effective method of such training is to conduct it in the customer's workshop.  There is also the possibility of training in our office, where we provide a fully equipped training position.
What is the warranty period for your products?
Most of our products carry a standard 12-month warranty with some exeptions.  An example would be a wheel alinger Ecoliner 4BL. Because we are convinced of the high quality of our product we provide a 24-month warranty on all parts Ecoliner 4BL with computer included in the kit.
I don't know foregin languages. Will I be able to handle properly your products?
All our products have multilingual manuals. Devices with displays (eg. Ecodyna balancer 506 or geometry Ecoliner 4BL / E315) have multilingual interface.
Do your products have CE marking and Declaration of Conformity?
Every product in our offer has CE marking, Declaration of Conformity certificate confirming compliance with all the required European standards and regulations.
Do you offer financial services like leasing or bank loan?
We closely cooperate with selected financial institutions offering both shoping on installments and lease.


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